Automated Talent Acquisition

Reach the best candidates and make them want to work for you

Effectively build a talent pipeline

Reach the best candidates

Make the best talent WANT to work for you

Personalized job ads and employer branding

Attract the best candidates – for both your pipeline and current jobs – and build a digital and personalized story about their potential career at your company

With Automated Talent Acquisition you effectively create a pool of potential candidates for both current and future jobs

The competition for the best candidates is tough. Get a head start and build up a preference with the most desirable candidates

Account Based Advertising offers Account Based Advertising. This means that we can help you target specific companies as a part of your digital marketing program.

Think of Account Based Advertising as a kind of Direct Marketing. Instead of a postal address, we use the IP-address of the company. This enables us to show banners when someone on your target list visit news media, blogs, social media and similar. It is also called IP targeting and it really opens up a whole new way of tailoring messages to a specific audience. For instance based on geography, industry, relevant product offerings or maybe even the name of the target company.

Judge - DMA ECHO Awards 2018

Once again Rolf Carlsen of has been invited to judge the upcoming DMA ECHO 2018 Awards. This prestigious award celebrates the very best digital and direct campaigns from across the globe. An award has won 5 times previously.

AccountBase preferred partner becomes a AccountBase preferred partner, which means that we can offer state-of-the art Account Based Advertising as a part of our customer acquisition marketing program.

Digital Benchmarker - Siemens

Siemens has launched Digital Benchmarker, a campaign developed by Digital Benchmarker let’s you test and measure how digitally prepared your company is compared to others across industries.

Mark Information Account Based Marketing has developed an account based marketing program for Mark Information that engages and nurtures potential customers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and UK. wins at ECHO Awards wins a certificate award at the 2017 DMA ECHO awards for the campaign “Return to Sender” for e-nettet. This is the 5th time collects an award at what is commonly known as the digital and direct marketing world championships.

ClickDimensions partner is a ClickDimensions partner and offers consultancy within marketing automation, lead nurturing and account Based Marketing.


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