Campaign optimization: from 0 to hundreds of leads

This case shows how creativity, story telling and drama as well as the right piece of content makes a huge difference for campaign effectiveness. Entrust Datacard is a large US software company that offers IT security for for financial institutions, national governments, companies and organizations. The european marketing organization had launched a campaign developed by a competing agency but had to cancel it after 3 weeks due to no response. got the task of rebuilding the campaign to make it work.

I had to stop a campaign developed by another agency after some very disappointing results. I decided to reach out to and they came up with a new and very effective campaign within a very short time. I am especially impressed by the ability of to cut  to the core of the challenges that our target audience face and develop a dramatic communication concept that immediately created results and a large number of leads.

Henriette Baag Nielsen

Field Marketing Manager, Entrust Datacard


Target audience:

The campaign targeted decision makers responsible for Cyber Security in larger companies in Denmark, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Germany. That is to say people who is task with making sure that IT criminals do not break in and steal data and information, ruin IT-systems or in other ways threaten by gaining unauthorized access.


Even though Entrust Datacard is a large US-based company it is not very well known in Europe. So apart from generating scores of hot leads the objective was to increase awareness and brand recognition within the target audience. The first campaign developed by another agency for that purpose did not work. So first step was to rethink the campaign and make it perform.

The hooded Hacker was the key visual of the campaign


Content: The Cyber Authentication Guide

New focused landing page with one CTA

The first campaign that got cancelled

The first version of the campaign was developed by another agency and was supposed to drive traffic to a website that included 3 options to convert: To take a test, download a guide or order an audit. The campaign messages were based on facts and data about data leaks.

As mentioned the campaign did not work and quite literally did not generate a single lead. Consequently it was stopped after 3 weeks..

The new campaign developed by created a new concept based on a few of the existing elements and simplified it to include only one powerful piece of content: The Cyber Authentication Guide.

To create a bit of drama – and a virtual opponent – we reused an image from the previous campaign: The hooded hacker and made him or her the key visual of the whole campaign. Both in landing pages, ads and on the Cyber Authentication Guide itself.

In text and image we thus created a visualization of one or more people that wants to hurt the company – and built a drama and a very tangible need for the piece of content that we wanted them to collect: The Cyber Authentication Guide.


The campaign was re-started and generated results instantly. After running for just 3 weeks it surpassed 100 conversions. A number that has increased significantly to several hundred leads in the following weeks and months – with a number of very real and interesting sales opportunities as an important result.

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