Case NORRIQ – 60% Sales Qualified Leads

NORRIQ is a large IT Consultancy with a focus on Microsoft solutions, including ERP solutions like Dynamics NAV, which is targeted at small and medium sized companies. Microsoft announced that they will not support NAV beyond 2021 and recommends that customers move to the Microsoft Business Central 365.


We are very pleased with the campaign developed for us. Rolf Carlsen was very committed and has great insight into what makes a campaign work. The result has been a large number of sales opportunities.


Morten Bøcker

Marketingchef, NORRIQ



The target audience was obviously companies that were already using Microsoft Dynamics NAV – and that had to decide what to do about their IT-strategy and choice of ERP-solution. Should they decide for Business Central? Now or later? There are many questions to be answered.

Clearly it is people from the finance department and especially CFO’s that are key decision makers on ERP-solutions like Microsoft Business Central 365. Obviously then they were the primary target group of the campaign.

Objectives of the campaign:

The campaign had a short window of just 3 weeks. Within this timeframe we had to create all the results including:

  • Engage the target audience
  • Generate as many leads as possible
  • Make sure that the number of Sales Qualified Leads was high

Campaign message: There is no way of getting around Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Are you ready?


Quickguide: 10 things you have to be aware of before you move from NAV to the next level

Landingpage with Quickguide developed a very effective Inbound Marketing campaign with the purpose of targeting and converting CFO’s, financial managers and similar from companies that uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The message was: There is no way of getting around Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Are you ready?

Display banners, Lead Ads and a landing page built on a visual design that NORRIQ had already introduced for a webinar about the way to move to Business Central. This concept worked very well in the animated banners and Lead Ads.

Content: The campaign revolved around a 10 step Quickguide that provides an easy overview of what to consider before making a decision on moving to Business Central. This was followed up by a discovery call in order to answers any questions and of course qualify leads and potentially book meetings.


To a wide extent we created target audiences based on interest. Both in LinkedIn and in Facebook using Lead Ads. This worked very well and the campaign converted a lot of leads at a very good price.

The campaign was supplemented with inbound display ads along with retargeting on Facebook, which generated traffic to the landing page.

RESULTS: 60% Sales Qualified Leads

The campaign ran for 3 weeks and in a very short time it generated a very large number of leads. Most of these turned out to be just the right type of target companies and roles. Consequently the share of Sales Qualified Leads turned out to be very large,

Leads: 136

Sales Qualified Leads: 60%

Pipeline: A big number of sales opportunities

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Rolf Carlsen, CEO