Demand Generators: Get Buyer 2.0 response

To be succesful you would want to engage the target audience very early on in the buying proces. But getting direct response from any campaign is notoriously difficult. However if your campaign is designed to engage your target audience, no matter where they are in the Readiness funnel AND brings them insight and value accordingly, you will see different results.

In other words, if you build your campaign messages around a Demand Generator you will get the response you are looking for.

Demand generator – an interactive landing page

So what is a Demand generator then? Well, essentially it is an interactive landing page that asks questions and gives feedback. The feedback may be a score, a benchmark, a calculation and or personalized content, advice or similar. The cool thing is that helps your target audience realize a need and thus creates demand. Even if the target audience is not yet looking for a solution, the very fact that you offer value and insight, will get you more response – even from decision markers at a very early stage in the buyer 2.0 process. And that is good because it might lead to a Premature Cognitive Commitment to you as a vendor.

Always On Account Based Marketing Strategy

Automated Customer Acquisition is an Always-on Account Based Marketing Strategy. The program has 3 stages: Demand Generation, Opportunity Building and Sales Acceleration, which continuously creates new opportunities for you. Having a Demand Generator as a part of your program increases response from key decision makers within your desired named accounts in the early stages and thus accelerates the Buyer 2.0 Journey considerably. Below you can see the success of some of our other clients.

Siemens Digital Benchmarker

Siemens is obviously a major provider of technology that helps companies achieve their goals and drive business success. But rather than just push different types of technology and hope that the target audience might want to respond, helped them build a demand generator campaign evolving around the Digital Benchmarker.

The Digital Benchmarker helps you measure if your organization, business model, management, efficiency and data security is ready for digital transformation and how well you are doing compared to other companies in your industry. And, importantly, what to do about it if you are lacking behind in one or more areas.

This invitation to learn more creates response. And rather than hard selling technology, Siemens helps the market realize their own needs. A radically different approach to marketing and selling. One that provides value for the potential client from the get go and a lot of client insight for Siemens.

Test it out for yourself:

What’s your Export Score?

EKF is the Danish Export Credit Agency and helps companies finance their export projects. Having a run major branding campaigns to build up awareness the next step was to build up leads and opportunities. They had already identified a target audience of 2000 accounts and wanted to engage them in a digital marketing program, that would build up demand for EKF’s financing solutions.

The Export Score is a Demand Generator that helps the target audience understand their need for export financing. The Export Score measure how well you do compare to other export companies and consequently whether you have an unrealized potential. The campaign asked “The best export companies have an Export Score above 70. What is yours?”

This message was implemented across display banners, newspaper ads, LinkedIn sponsored updates and InMail and Direct Mail. A very effective campaign message that create a lot of response.

Read the case story and maybe find your own score (danish):

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